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Scent training
Scent work Course


Next course is starting on the 6th June 2021.
The Scent course is on Sunday afternoons 3 PM - 4 PM for 6 weeks, training will be held at my Training Field near Trimdon.

Scent Work is a rapidly growing sport which is easily accessible for everyone - all you need is a dog with a nose! Whether you’re looking at training to reach competition level or simply looking for an activity to do with your dog, this course will be highly beneficial.

The potential in a dog’s nose is untapped in most pet dogs and scent work activities provide every dog with the opportunity to use their most prominent and often under utilised sense -their sense of smell.

This course will cover an active indication this involves the dog searching for a scent and retrieving the article back to the handler. We will go though all the steps to teach you and your dog how to search for the scent and how you can go from easy to hard searches inside and out, swell as understanding how scent moves.

We will meet once a week and teaching will be done over Zoom there will also be a dedicated Facebook group for you to add training videos and ask any questions between training sessions.

The course is open to all breeds, all ages and all experience levels.

Sessions will be recorded so will be available to catch up on training if you can't attend every session live.

Price is £160


Scent kit is included and sent out for all handlers.

To book please Email me for the booking form on


Introduction to Tracking Workshop

The Tracking workshop is on for half a day 10 AM - 2 PM with a dinner break to allow the dogs to download the training before the afternoon session, training will be held at my Training Field near Trimdon.

This workshop will give you and your dog an introduction to tracking, it'll focus on one scent giving your dog the best chance for success. The exercises covered area designed so you can easily replicate them out on walks or as a training exercise.

The course is open to everyone no matter the age or breed of dog if they have a nose they can take part.

Workshop costs £100
To book contact for booking form


Next Workshop is coming soon summer 2021.